Customer Service Advisor

Customer Service ADVISOR™ 5.2

Customer Service ADVISOR™ is a digital database of Operator, Diagnostic, and Technical manuals for John Deere Products. This subscription allows users to connect to machines with an Electronic Data Link (EDL) to clear and refresh codes, take diagnostic readings, and perform limited calibrations.  More information located at

As an effort to be your first choice for parts, attachments, and service support, we are pleased to offer you the ability to purchase a John Deere Customer Service ADVISOR.  A subscription to Customer Service ADVISOR 5.2 grants you access to much of the same technical and diagnostic information used by our Tri County Equipment Technicians.


Do you perform the majority of your own equipment repairs?

Are you or your technicians skilled enough to utilize an electronic diagnostic tool?

How often do you need to access technical or diagnostic information?

Note: Access to Service ADVISOR for Customers does not authorize or permit customers to perform warranty repairs on their equipment.

Customer Service Advisor 5.2 may not be right for everyone and is best suited for farms or businesses who:

  • Perform their own repairs.
  • Have skilled mechanics trained in the use of electronic diagnostic tools.
  • Require regular access to electronic and diagnostic information.
  • Possess and are familiar with a MyJohnDeere account (a requirement at purchase).


Not all of the features that dealers have access to in Service ADVISOR will be available to customers.

Customer ServiceAdvisor Chart


CSA Version 5.2 USB – Initial diagnostic software installation on Customer Supplier Laptop (Must meet CAS application requirements, we will review before purchase/installing)

CSA Version 5.2 1st Year Annual Subscription

CSA Version 5.2 Machine Data USB – Machinery Data which includes Operator Manuals and Service Manuals for all mainstream John Deere agricultural and compact construction equipment machines produced after 1960*

Electronic Data Link Kit – W1 Interface Cable

Initial Dealer Set-up and up to 4 hours of Customer Training within 25 miles of our dealership

Additional training and support not included in the purchase**

Pricing available upon request

*Depending on model

**Ongoing customer support as needed @ current Shop Rate

For customers that prefer to perform their own machine maintenance and repair, we offer a suite of options to ensure you are enabled to do so, including:

Other resources to stay connected and provide support include:

Do you want to learn more? Connect with us today and find out if a subscription to Customer Service Advisor from John Deere will work for you.