New BC11 Series Bale Carriers

Hay Equipment
Key Features
  • Adjustable bale arm fits top diameter of 60- to 72- inches
  • Low-profile design improves visibility
  • Push bar moves bales to rear
  • Walking beam axles and tires provide smoother ride

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Push bar moves bales to rear to make room for other bales
Model BC1108 bale push barModel BC1108 bale push bar
Model BC1110 bale push barModel BC1110 bale push bar

The bale push bar moves the bales rearward after they are loaded, making room for the next bale.

Walking beam axles and tires provide a smoother ride
Tandem tires shown on BC1104 and BC1108Tandem tires shown on BC1104 and BC1108
Flotation tires shown on BC1110Flotation tires shown on BC1110

Walking beam axles, tandem tires, and larger flotation tires create a smoother ride on uneven or rough terrain.

Adjustable bale arm fits round bale diameters of 152.4 cm to 177.8 cm (60 in. to 72 in.)
Bale loading arm on the BC1108Bale loading arm on the BC1108
BC1110 bale loading armBC1110 bale loading arm

Frontier™ bale carriers have an adjustable bale arm to fit different bale sizes:

  • BC1108 has a maximum bale diameter of 152.4 cm (60 in.)
  • BC1110 has a maximum bale diameter of 177.8 cm (70 in.)

Model BC1110 has a bale loading arm designed for improved machine performance.

Bale carrier's low-profile design improves visibility and safety
Great visibility when loading bales Great visibility when loading bales
Bale carrier when fully loadedBale carrier when fully loaded

Frontier™ bale carriers have been designed with a low profile to improve rearward visibility when loading or moving bales. 


The low-profile design provides increased safety for operators.


Overall machine height 3.2 m
10.6 ft
Overall machine width 3.6 m
11.9 ft
Overall machine length 8.5 m
28 ft
Bed height 1.4 m
4.5 ft
Weight 3,788.9 kg
8,353 lb
Loaded capacity 10,886 kg
24,000 lb
Towing unit minimum weight 7,257.5 kg
16,000 lb
Bale capacity
Bale quantity Ten: 1.8x1.2 m
6x4 ft
Eight: 1.8x1.5 m
6x5 ft
Round bale diameter 1.8 m
6 ft
Round bale length 1.8 m
6 ft
Quantity Four
Size 32/15.5 x 16.5 14-ply Galaxy Tires on 12x16.5 Rims
Travel stroke 2.1 m
6.8 ft
Hubs and spindles
Hub type 8 Bolt
Hub capacity 3,268.7 kg
8,000 lb
Spindle diameter 7 cm
2.75 in.
Type Clevis
Hole size 3.2 cm
1.25 in.
Lighting, marking and safety
Transport safety lights Standard
Markings SMV and reflectors
Safety tow chain Standard
Jack Standard
Set-up time
Labor hours 1
Machine 1 year