Reduce crop damage and input costs even more—give your sprayer an upgrade

Control your spray and you can help control your costs. Get the benefits of the newest, advanced technology and keep the sprayer you already own. With a John Deere Precision Upgrade, you can:

  • Maintain a consistent droplet size in a wider application speed range
  • Realize savings from section size reduced to a single nozzle body
  • Achieve greater accuracy of spray rate with turn compensation
  • Save on chemical and water expense

Targeted, in-crop spraying you can add to select John Deere sprayers**

We've taken the advanced camera detection and artificial intelligence systems from the revolutionary See & Spray platform and put it into a Precision Upgrade for select MY18 and newer 400 and 600 Series Sprayers, as well as R-Series models. Now, you can get targeted, in-season weed control to:

  • Save on non-residual herbicide use
  • Reduce water usage and tender stops
  • Reduce crop stress and improve yields
  • Select targeted or broadcast applications

Less herbicide cost. More profitability.

See & Spray Premium is a Precision Upgrade that can revolutionize how you use your current qualified sprayer**. It can help you precisely manage weeds to:

  • Increase yields
  • Improve cost efficiencies
  • Create more profitability

See & Spray Premium sees, targets, and kills in-season weeds using advanced cameras and machine learning that distinguishes crops from weeds and selectively target sprays only the weeds. Shown to reduce non-residual herbicide use similar to other See & Spray technologies, See & Spray premium also delivers a hit-rate comparable to traditional broadcast spraying ... all at operating speeds up to 12 mph. That means less herbicide, less costs, and less impact to your crops and your land.

Product use requires the purchase and use of a software license. See your John Deere dealer for details.

*Internal comparison of ExactApply components with non-ExactApply components, based on field and growing conditions. Individual results may vary.

** See & Spray Premium is currently available for MY2018 or newer 400, 600 and R-Series sprayers with a 120-foot boom. See your John Deere dealer for details.