Choosing the Best Riding Mower for You

A man is driving on a John Deere Z365R ZTrakT Riding Mower

posted on Thursday, February 2, 2023 in News

Don’t know where to start looking for a riding mower? Compare different types of mowers and find what works for you? 

For many, mowing the lawn is a challenge. It’s hard to keep the lawn well-kept and still maintain a beautiful yard with other responsibilities. From small to large projects, the best riding lawn mower for landscaping can turn tough jobs into easy ones. Instead of a push mower for larger than one acre of land, a riding mower is more suitable for large terrains. The most powerful riding lawn mowers are powered by gas; however, you can look for diesel or even electric options. 

Pro tip: If you opt for the any other option besides gas, you won’t have to worry about keeping the noise down 

That’s why it pays to make yard work more efficient to get the job done. You’ll see how being an owner of a John Deere riding lawn mower can improve your landscaping work. When searching for the right riding lawn mower, it’s good to evaluate your needs before choosing the lawn mower for you. Below are the most common considerations: 
•    Size of your yard 
•    Speed of the mower 
•    Size of the mower blades 
•    Amount of horsepower 

To make the process easier, here’s our lineup of mowers to help you determine the best riding lawn mower for the money in your budget. Discover which one is right for you in our selection. 


Best Riding Lawn Mower Overall
Save your back and knees from doing the heavy pushing. This superior machine can perform wide 60-inch cuts in an array of paths with over 20 horsepower on any rough terrain.   The best riding mower for hills can accelerate up to 7 mph powered by gas (or other fuel options) to help you cut, mulch or bag faster than traditional lawn mowers. With its hydrostatic transmission, driving controls make for a pleasant ride as you mow. 

For reference, we’ll use the John Deere 425 Series Riding Lawn Mower
Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower 
Be ready for any obstacle with the best riding mower for small yard and enjoy the convenience of top-tier maneuverability. Hills and slopes are no challenge for this model,   which includes features like electronic fast starts plus 20 horsepower for additional strength to carry loads in its storage space. This high-powered machine can cut overgrowth to clear the environment with the Accel Deep™ mower deck. Get more done with less effort for a beautiful lawn using a superior mower that  delivers at faster ground speeds.

For reference, we’ll use the John Deere Z335E ZTrak™ riding lawn mower
Front & Wide-Area Lawn Mowers 

The best mulching riding lawn mower is both a front and wide-area mower that is strong enough to handle tough mulching, mowing and even bagging conditions. 

A front mower performs precise cuts all season long with special features including premium Comfort Cab accompanied by turbocharged diesel to get the job done year-round. When combined with an assortment of attachments and implements, there’s almost nothing that can stand in its path from mowing to plowing. With a sleek design, speeds up to 12 mph, tilt steering and deck-lift functions, there’s a great view of everything in front to enjoy in your daily use. 

A wide-area mower is a state-of-the-art machine engineered to give you expansive trimming capabilities and excellent torque that reaches up to 25 horsepower. The more acres you have, the better, with its wings down and center deck that reaches up to 128 inches. From its air-ride seat/pedals to control cluster functions, comfort is everything to help minimize fatigue and increase efficiency. Easily swap attachments and implements in a snap with its versatile deck system to tackle wet, heavy snow and more conditions. Lower your daily heavy-duty workload for more power and less downtime with a machine that can go the distance and more.

For reference, we’ll use the John Deere 1550 TerrainCut™ Front Mower and John Deere 1600 Turbo TerrainCut™ Wide-Area Mower

Where to Find Your Next Lawn Mower
Before choosing a mower, remember not all areas can make the best use of riding mowers. Every lawn deserves a quality cut depending on its mowing conditions, which only the best riding lawn mower from our fleet can provide. And you can’t forget about comfort, the kind that makes you feel even more at home in your yard. With multiple attachments and implements, nothing should slow you down as you perfect your lawn and see just how valuable a quality mower can be. When you find the best riding lawn mower, it gives you a range of opportunities to complete more landscape tasks. Discover which one speaks more to you. Keep in mind: each machine has various features and slope limitations, so it’s best to not exceed those limits. 

Ready to take your yard to the next level? Tri County Equipment and John Deere are ready to help you get the mower that fits your needs best. 

Browse our selection of high-quality John Deere riding lawn mowers for sale and reap all the benefits that come with it. 

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