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A worker is riding on a John Deere S220 Lawn Tractor

posted on Friday, March 8, 2024 in News

Total yard care has always extended far beyond a few singular tasks, and it still does. While some things never change, we know that one major difference between now and the good old days is how we value our time. Most folks don’t care to spend hours upon hours on manual labor out in the yard, so we aim to provide tools and supplies that allow you to cut down on time without cutting out on quality. With John Deere tractor mower attachments, you can transform your mower into the ultimate multi-tasking machine and knock out a job that used to take a full day in just hours or in some cases, minutes. Choose from a host of mower attachments to complete snow removal, loading and hauling, harvesting, clearing and more, any time of year. These attachments are designed to easily connect to your lawn tractor in just seconds to allow you to take down tasks – many of which used to require intensive manual labor - with comfort and convenience. Look below to learn a little more about connecting attachments.

Getting Hooked Up
So you’ve got a tractor mower attachment and you’ve got the tractor. Now what? We know it can be a bit daunting at times to understand exactly how to connect your attachments to your tractor. The good news is that most current models of John Deere tractors and attachments can come outfitted with assistive feature designs and technology to make this process more convenient. While we aren’t quite able to offer directions for all attachments here, we’ve offered some instructions for a few of the more popular attachments below. 

•    Attaching a mower deck. Make sure your mower and deck are on a hard, level surface. Twist your height-of-deck knob to ensure that the arrow points to the “install” signifier and check to see that the 4WD setting is engaged. Secure the linkage arms in the lowest position possible on your deck. Locate the elevated green bar on the deck’s lefthand side as you’ll use it for a guide to make sure your wheels are properly positioned. Mount your tractor, and while keeping an eye on the green bar, accelerate until the tractor rolls over the deck. You should hear the rear bracket connect with the deck. If you don’t hear the bracket latch, dismount the tractor, and give it a gentle shake until it locks. Your last step is to secure the gauge wheels in the locked position and from there, you’re free to begin your mowing. 

•    Attaching a grooming mower. Connect the top hook of the iMatch™ Quick-Hitch system to the top back opening of the attachment. From there, shut down the tractor and manually lock down the mower levers to take the first step in securing the attachment. Connect the power take-off by connecting the input shaft from the mower to the output shaft on the tractor to provide power from the tractor to the attachment. After connecting the shafts, secure the power take-off chain for an additional layer of attachment security. After connecting the attachment, you can adjust the cutting height by removing or adding spacers found on the caster wheel shafts as needed. Lastly, adjust the grooming mower pitch by manipulating the top link adjustment on the 3-point hitch. Now, mow to your heart’s content. 

If you happen to have a tractor that doesn’t have the more recent additions for quick connecting and hitching or a model that predates the more current technology, we urge you to reach out to your local Tri County Equipment for support from equipment specialists who are standing by to help you however they can. Additionally, if you don’t see instructions above for the attachment you need help with, we encourage you to also contact your local Tri County dealer for further assistance.

The John Deere Difference
With a well-known name and brand in the agricultural supply market since the 1830s, John Deere knows a thing or two about high-quality agricultural equipment. We’ve spent decades perfecting our craft by honing our design focus to deliver results in the areas of user comfort, functional safety, easy operation, and overall quality performance for value retention. In recent years, we’ve continued to achieve growth in our efforts by offering multiple attachments that enhance any of our vehicular machinery. Buckets, hitches, lighting, ballasts and weights, manure spreaders, backhoes, material collection systems, various blades, snowblowers, seeders, tillers — the list keeps going to provide you with whatever you could possibly need for your work tasks. Additionally, when you consider our Precision Ag technologies, iMatch™ Quick- Hitch mount systems, John Deere Quick-Knect™ Systems and John Deere Load-n-Go™ features, the difference is clear. Our equipment offerings are just plain hard to beat, or, to sum it up in one short statement, nothing runs like a Deere.

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