Choosing Implements & Attachments for your John Deere Tractor

posted on Thursday, July 19, 2018 in News

Society's Need for Comfort and Convenience Doesn't Stop with Tractors

In today’s world, the options are endless (literally) when it comes to comfort and convenience. It seems as if there is something new to help us deal with the simplest or most complex task, from asking Alexa to turn up the volume on your favorite song to never having to worry about getting lost, thanks to a GPS. Tractors are not much different.

John Deere is always pushing the envelope when it comes to their products’ performance and feel. John Deere takes their customer feedback seriously, often making key design changes to equipment models and implements based on customers. This, in turn, makes for more than 200 implement/attachment options and new features available for their tractor and lawn mower lineup, which can be intimidating for some. Let’s discuss some scenarios to consider that will help separate different options/features from being a want to a necessity.

Sunshine or Snowflakes, There's Still Work To Be Done

First, you should think about the environment you will be operating in. Being in eastern Michigan, get a lot of snow and a lot of sun. Sometimes, all in the same day, but we digress.

Cabs for John Deere Compact Utility Tractors (also available on some models of riding lawn mowers) are designed to protect you from the elements of working outside on a hot summer day or during an infamous Michigan snow storm. Removing snow in a comfy, heated cab is a less daunting task than bundling up and hoping the wind isn’t snapping by you. If you’ve got a long driveway, a heated cab is likely worth the investment.


On the flip side, if you’ve got a ton of Michigan land to take care of, a filtered cab with air conditioning can make your chores a breeze in the summer.

The last thing you should consider when it comes to adding a cab to your compact utility tractor is any potential height restrictions. Is your tractor stored in a barn? If so, will you be able to clear the entrance with the cab? Some barns and garages are simply too low – and you wouldn’t want to leave the cab outside for an extended period of time. Also think about your environment while mowing. Does your property have a lot of low-hanging branches or power lines? Those could cause an issue with the added height of a cab.

Save Time With Easy-to-Use Implements

What implements are you using? This is an important question to think about if you are looking for a compact tractor or if you currently have one. Hooking and un-hooking implements can be a dreaded task that not only takes time, but is downright hard work. The traditional 3-point hitch requires the operator to drive back and forth until the machine is almost exactly parallel with the implement. If the implement is not positioned just right, the operator needs to get off the machine, and sometimes, physically move the implement to line it up with the tractor. The engineers at John Deere thought there must be a better way for people to attach an implement, so they came up with a few options:

1. AutoConnect™ – Drive right over the mower deck, literally 

Michigan folks with a lot of land to mow and maintain will benefit greatly from John Deere’s exclusive AutoConnect™ drive-over mower decks for the 1 Family Sub-Compact Utility Tractor and 2 Family Compact Utility Tractor. Drive over the deck, press a button and keep going. It’s that simple.


2. iMatch™ Quick-Hitch – Let the equipment do the work for you

Changing 3-point implements are one of the most frustrating and dangerous parts of owning and operating a tractor. John Deere created the iMatch™ Quick-Hitch, which allows the operator to back up to the implement and simply lift the 3-point draft arms for a secure, effortless connection – without ever getting off the seat.


3. Quik-Park™ Loader – No tools needed

Designed to serve one purpose: easily remove and mount the loader to and from the tractor without tools. Slowly pull the tractor to the loader, connect the color-coded hoses and drop the loader into place using the hydraulics.


So when you have a garden that needs to be tilled, a driveway that needs to be graded, fresh mulch that needs to be spread and a lawn that needs to be mowed, you can knock it all out quickly with the help of John Deere’s exclusive quick-change implements.

Keep Working Later, Even in the Fall and Winter

During our fall and winter months in Michigan, it gets dark earlier, leaving us less daylight to complete our work in the field. Depending on your schedule, you don’t want to be left in the dark or having to stop early because you can’t see. John Deere offers top-of-the-line LED lighting packages so you can work when you want to, not just when the sun is up.

When looking at these comfort and convenience options, it’s easy to just look at the brass tacks. While budget should remain a factor, understanding the value that some of these implements can bring to you makes all the difference. No matter what your needs are, John Deere and Tri County Equipment are here to help. Have questions on how an implement can work for you? Visit a store near you today or contact us to talk.