How to use a 3-Point Snow Blower

posted on Friday, January 20, 2023 in News

Setting up the snowblower.

After locking down the snowblower on the iMatch, make sure it’s level front to back by adjusting the top link if necessary. Then attach the PTO shaft to the tractor, close the driveline shield, and attach the safety chain for the PTO.

Adjust both skid shoes to provide about an inch of ground clearance to help protect the snowblower and the surface you’re clearing.

When you’re on-site and ready to start, adjust the chute to blow snow in the direction you want it to go, and to make sure you don’t blow snow into the wind. Then adjust the deflector angle for blowing snow the preferred distance.

Get started and finish the right way.

As you can see in the video, the snowblower auger and impeller can eat a lot of snow. But that doesn’t mean you can move through it quickly. The key is maintaining a steady, moderate speed so the snowblower can handle all the snow you want removed without becoming overloaded. If the snow you’re working is very deep, use the 3-point hitch to raise your snowblower to remove a top layer that your specific snowblower can handle. Then start over and take another layer so you don’t overload the auger, impeller, or chute.

AND, when you’re done, always, always, always remember to clean out the auger, impeller and chute thoroughly. Snow left in them can freeze and prevent the snowblower from operating properly at next start up, causing damage to the machine’s internal parts.

That way, when the snow starts falling on your property, you AND your snowblower will be ready to go.

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