20-2 Software Update

Have You Performed The 20-2 Software Update Yet?

Starfire 6000Gen4-Command-CenterStarfire 3000

     StarFire iTC receivers will no longer function beginning 01 February 2021.  StarFire iTC receivers will continue to operate in WAAS until approximately 2026 or when the US GPS satellite constellation P(Y) code is retired and may continue to be used for yield mapping. Guidance applications including AutoTrac™ will not be available after this time. 01 February 2021 will also be the deadline to have all StarFire 6000 and StarFire 3000 receivers updated to 20-2. Receivers not updated to 20-2 by this time will not receive the StarFire signal and as such will only operate in WASS, unable to AutoTrac, until updated to 20-2.

It is important to ensure your John Deere StarFireTM receivers are up-to-date and connecting properly before next season to prevent downtime. Contact your local Precision Ag Specialist for more information or to review your update options.

There are multiple ways to make sure that your StarFire 3000 and/or StarFire 6000 is updated and that you will not experience a loss of service. The options are as follows:


Contact your local Tri County Equipment location to purchase a USB stick with the update already available. You will still need to update your receiver yourself, which can take up to an hour for the file transfer to complete, but you will have the peace of mind knowing the file is correct and ready to go.


To get started, you will need to download the appropriate option from the John Deere Software Update list. This download will take around 1-hour to complete and needs a strong, uninterrupted internet connection to work correctly. Next, you will need to put the downloaded file onto a USB stick or thumb drive. Please note, you will need to ensure the USB or thumb drive has a minimum of 16 GB to fit the entire file, and the file needs to be formatted to FAT32 in order to work. Once the file is on the USB, you will insert it into your StarFireTM hardware. The file transfer may take up to one hour.


Access over-the-air updates for StarFire 6000 receivers (that are on software version 3.70M or newer) through machines equipped with JDLink. The StarFire 3000 is not compatible with over the air software updates for this payload.

HAVE US DO IT - Pricing Varies By Number Of Receivers

Contact our service department to schudule your updates.